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This website will remain active for pictures and updates as we share them. Pridezion has decided after 30 years to follow our passion of helping others who need Service Dogs, by providing them at no cost to people who need them * A Board of Directors will determine eligibility for applicants.



First and foremost, I'm truly happy you stopped by!

Starting May 2022,  Pridezion will no longer have puppies available to the public. We are moving further toward a direction that began many , many years ago. For the last 30 years Pridezion has truly focused on the health, temperament, intelligence and beauty of the Labrador Retriever and has raised, trained and donated Service Dogs to those in need. We have carefully, and selectively developed a breeding program that surpasses most. By selecting Breedings to produce genetic strengths for enhanced puppies / dogs for service work. You will not find the exact combination of our pedigree anywhere else, when it's said, "There's nothing like a Pridezion Lab", well its true ! This dedicated direction has been recognized not only by past and present  Pridezion Families (PRIDEZION FAMILY REVIEWS HERE) but reputable Service Dog Organizations, AKC Judges honoring us with Multiple Best of Breed and Group Placements and more. If you are a current Pridezion Family we will of course always be here for you and if you would like to add a puppy in the future we are always happy to talk with you. If you are looking for a pet puppy we would be happy to recommend a couple of Breeders to you. You can email us to request the information anytime. 

Thank you all , Tina Powe


Video of Puppy Play Pen

Live Puppy Camera every Friday at 7 pm PST for Families of Reserved Pridezion Puppies

For those seeking a four legged companion but are more interested in life after puppy-hood. Please contact us below for information on levels of obedience training. This program offers 8 weeks of Potty, Leash, House Manners and more....

Our Pridezion Families have shared thier puppies lives with us for nearly 30 years. We continue to update with pictures, shared texts and emails. Here are just a few of the hundreds of families we have shared our puppies with over the last 3 decades.

Pridezion has rescued, Vetted and Rehomed 32 stray dogs, pregnant strays and their puppies. Pridezion funded all of the Staff expenses, Food, Worming's, Vaccines and Veterinary Care. Additionally Head Trainer , Tina Powe donated over 100 hours of Puppy Start Training to help ensure good solid placement into their new homes. Click here to see the Album of our 2020/2021 Rescues and Training.

Pridezion Service Dogs

Pridezion has donated and trained over 23 Service Dogs since our beginning. Primarily working with Children for both Autism and Medical Alert. Tina Powe has donated over 500 hours in 2021! We feel it's a honor to give back for all that we have been blessed with over the years. 


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Feel free to keep up with both us and all our Pridezion Families on any one of our social media platforms! 

We reserve the right to refuse service/placement to anyone.


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