Pridezion Labrador Retrievers is a exclusive breeding program DEVELOPED with a few things in mind. 
First I'd like to point out a couple of things to explain why I have put such an emphasis on the word, developed. A developed breeding 
program is one that has taken the strengths of generation after generation and improved with each of those generations the traits of the 
Labrador Retriever.


We do not solely focus on just a show dog, or just a hunting companion, or just a service dog or just a family 
companion. We focus on them all. It takes years of careful, selective breeding to accomplish ,preserve and enhance each and every 
one of those qualities without sacrificing health,intelligence and temperament and of course proper structure which when seen, is 
absolutely beautiful.


Pridezion Labrador Retrievers is one of the best, multi-purpose breeding programs with one of the strongest 
histories of health and intelligence. Our breeding program encompasses a very calm temperament, with impressive intelligence, yet 
when time to work they recognize the change in circumstance and sense the need of their environment ( a strength over several 
generations of hunting and service dogs).


Pridezion is a world re-known breeding program and a deep, personal passion of mine.

Interested in a Potty Trained Puppy who has already Started an Obedience Training Program? Visit our Started Dogs Page !

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

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The Puppies are here!

Due to availability changing, contact us with any questions on Pridezion Pups today!

All Pridezion pups will be sent home with one month of complimentary medical insurance

Check out our introductory video for new "parents". 

Check out our introductory video for new "parents". 

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