Pridezion Labradors 

We will provide the health clearances for each parent bred to produce a litter to provide documenation that we have taken every precaution to produce healthy puppies. Each puppy will go home with a Licensed Veterinarian Health Exam ensuring that the puppies are free from parasties , virus and worms. You will be provided a copy of this health exam with your paperwork. Beyond that , we will not guarantee health once they leave our environment. (If you would like to compare that , we are happy to explain: just as you keep yourself or your child healthy, you can not guarantee that once they leave your environment for work or school and neither can we) .We are no longer in control of what they may be exposed to ,this becomes the new owners responsibilty. To ensure that the puppy is provided the correct nutrition and is kept at a healthy weight, Pridezion will alway provide guidance to each and every puppy family to educate in order for better sucess! Pridezion puppies are placed under the "AS IS -WHERE IS " condition. You are responsible for picking up your puppy or hiring a Nanny service to deliver to you. We are happy to provide information to assist you. This agreement is binding in its entirety and any deviation is considered a Breach of Contract and can be enforced with a $5000.00 fine or Attorney Fee's whichever is greater. Jurisdiction remaining in the State of Texas .By providing your signature below you acknowledge to have read and agree to ALL terms provided and outlined in our Puppy Contract, Health Agreement and Policies and Procedures.

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