Our Policies 

These policies and procedures must be read and acknowledged on our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee, verbally before ANY application for adoption will be considered. All Contract terms, Guarantee's and Policies are easily viewable and accessible from our front page and are considered agreed upon either in writing,verbally or any other legal means of entering into a lawful agreement by adoption between us and all contract terms, guarantee's and policies are binding between us under any and all circumstances. By remitting payment to Pridezion Labradors.It commences a binding contractual agreement as provided and displayed publicly Pursuant State Law within the page and also Pridezion Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee.This policy and contractual agreement supersedes any other policies and procedures by any financial institution or card holder. You have entered into a contractual agreement with Tina Powe of Pridezion Labrador Retrievers and agree to uphold all policy requirements, Health Guarantee and Puppy Contract terms in their entirety by Tina Powe and Pridezion Labrador Retrievers.

1. All deposit fee's and payments are non-refundable unless no refund will be considered without a signed agreement by both Pridezion Labrador Retrievers/ Tina Powe and the Buyer. We are looking for committed families for our puppies , who will dedicate the time and care needed for happy puppies! Our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee are accessible through our website and all terms and conditions are agreed upon both verbally and/or in writing in their entirety . In the event that a puppy is not whelped from the breeding that your deposit has been placed on,or for some reason an unforseen health issue with your puppy arises, your deposit fee will be transferred to another litter not limited to the same Dam , or the same Sire, whelped by Pridezion Labradors.

2. All puppies must be seen by a veterinarian within 3 days after you receive them.

3. Our Puppy Contract, Health Guarantee and Deposit/Waitlist Contracts must be followed, we will not make exceptions of any kind regarding this e-signed/ signed contract for  agreement between us.


4. In the event that you would cancel delivery of a puppy/dog with less than 10 days notice. We will not  refund ANY of the payments or 
deposit fee's  that were paid. Why ? Running a sucessful and proven breeding progam takes alot of work. I dedicate on average 18 hours a day raising, developing and caring for the puppy reserved for you. I have turned others away when they inquired about availability. My time dedicated to the bottom line of this breeding program has a value. I think we can all agree no one can work for or continue to operate a business without the value of our time into it. 

5. Our Health Guarantee does not cover, vaccinations, veterinary costs, or training costs. These costs are the direct result of responsible dog 
ownership and should be expected as part of.


6. Please note that Ofi is a  requirement, if you are not consistent , this will void our Health Guarantee. We have alot  of experience and knowledge about our favorite breed. We KNOW what they need during their crucial growth periods for proper joint and muscle development. This is why we require that our puppies get the best chance possible for long healthy lives!


7. In the event for some reason that you are not able to keep your puppy/dog then we REQUIRE that they are returned to us. ALL 
ownership rights, AKC transfer of registration, and copies of ALL veterinarian records accompany the transfer back to us. No monetary 
compensation will be made to you for the surrender of your dog back to us. You will be responsible for the transport back to Pridezion 
Labradors. We of course will try to find transport as soon as possible. No monetary compensation will be provided by Pridezion Labradors 
for the transfer back to us. This is the sole responsibility of the owner(s) surrendering the dog.


8. As of January 1,2013 all final Adoption Invoices must be paid when your puppy turns 8 weeks old, Even if you have arranged to pick up at a a later date.  We offer boarding to all of our puppies and adults to our families. Boarding is $20 per day.Started pups are to be paid in full as they are well past the 8 week old mark.We also offer all-breed boarding for the Summer 2013!

SHIPPING; All final payments are due for shipping 10 prior to shipping your puppy to you. Please reference your signed Deposit Contract 


9. All Fee's are entirely for the puppy, the additional information and accessories sent in puppy packets or information shared with our 
families are a courtesy from us to you as a breeder. We do not charge extra for the basic puppy packet we send home. The fee is exclusively for the adoption of the puppy alone :)You do not pay extra for anything else as it is not included in the puppy adoption fee. We are not required to include anything additional, however, we try to share as much information as possible and include as much as we can 
with our puppies to make transition easier and alot more enjoyable. All puppy packet content and information is at the sole discretion of us as a breeder. All Fee's  are applied toward one (1) puppy. Fee's taken for families that have decided our breeding program is 
the one that their new puppy will whelp from, from litters that are not yet born, may keep the option of sex and color open for selection until the litter is born. Once the litter is whelped/born then a decision regarding sex and color must be made within 3 days of the puppies whelp.

Updated 02/28/2021

Effective immediately: I'm sure all can understand the time commitment needed to raise a healthy and well developed litter. Addressing each and every family individually has become impossible. From here forward we have ARLO Live Puppy Camera's that may be accessed once a week at 7pm PST and available for 1hour of viewing time. In addition pictures and updates will be provided weekly on private Facebook Albums to which you will be given a link to once you have reserved your puppy. If you don't FB we encourage you to even create a temporary account which can be deleted whenever you decide. We know some of you don't like FB and we understand however we simply need a broad platform to share updates and this is what we have chosen and will be the only platform we will utilize to share information and updates regarding your litter. To utilize this is of course completely your decision , with the understanding that it will be the only platform to receive the many fun pictures, video's and information extremely important for your puppies arrival.

Disclosure: We have a team that help raise and develop your puppy :) While I am always doing my best to proof and check information posted , if you find an error please reach out to me on the text number you have for me. These things can happen with others assisting you and incorrectly adding data. If brought to my attention Im happy to correct any information that I see as error. Thank you ,Tina 

10. This contract is non-transferrable. All legal proceedings shall remain in the jurisdiction of  the applicable county of residence 
for Tina Powe of Pridezion Labrador Retrievers, please note that all favorable judgements for Tina Powe will include court and attorney fee's to be paid by the puppy buyer.


11. Pridezion Labradors ,Tina Powe nor any of our associates are responsible for delivery delays beyond our control. Delays related to 
weather, temperature, traffic delays,  that take extensive time, bumped by airlines for cadaver etc.(for our puppy nanny deliveries) .We do not control what happens outside of our physical abilities. We have had delivery delays take up to 4 weeks to get 
puppies to their news homes, normally it only takes about a week or two. However, our families received their puppies  EVERYTIME! Thank you :) We aren't responsible for reactions to vaccines or wormers or any other health issue, that could also cause delays. In the event that death or sickness prevent placement of any puppy, we reserve the right to transfer that deposit to another litter and provide the same sex and color that we entered into contract for. Beginning September 1, 2021 We know offer front door delivery to limit exposure from Covid for our Puppy Families. Please ask for more details.

12. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone. If after your  initial deposit fee has been placed, and as we get to know each other. If we feel that this is not a good match for us or our puppies. We retain the right to cancel your reservation and remove you from our waiting list and a refund granted as we interview and find another adoptive family as detailed and addressed in your signed Deposit Contract.

13. We retain the right to delay adoption day for the puppies benefit as we see fit. Usually we allow our puppies to leave at 8-10 weeks. However no litter is a carbon copy of the last, so each experience may be different. In times of high heat or delayed vaccines, or just a harder time with the weaning process. Pridezion will not allow any puppy to leave until we are satisfied they are hardy and healthy enough to leave us .Pridezion,  nor Tina Powe, guarantees the color of Yellow. Puppies usually go through several different shades as they mature. Yellow is Yellow and that's what we stand behind , the exact shade you want is NOT Guaranteed. Regardless of any schedule, previously agreed upon adoption date, or any vacation, including any and all prior arrangements, if we feel this is not a good time to pickup the puppy, then we will postpone pickup day at any time, of course we are happy to work on a day time to reschedule . Our reputation and experience exceeds any and all opinion. This is final and does not constitute any grounds for breech or reversal. In the event if delays occur for shipping outside of your expected time frame , your more than welcome to come and pick up your puppy.We are not responsible for delivery but offer to ship if we can. We prefer to meet our families in person, usually this is done at our place nearby in the state of California, Washington or Arkansas. Tina Powe is a Professional traininer with locations in each state. We do offer in cabin flights with a Puppy Nanny , who will fly with your puppy in the cabin and meet you at your nearest airport. There is an additional charge for Puppy Nanny flights and the sooner the ticket is booked the less expensive it is. We do not require travel to any of our out of state locations for you. We will meet you personally in your State or local airport. Beginning September 1,2021 We will offer front door delivery to your home via our partnered Nanny Service to limit everyone's exposure to public places during Covid. 

14. We retain the right to refuse service if there is any issue, health or otherwise, during the time of adoption. Legal Jurisdiction remains in the applicable State of Residence of Tina Powe.

15. Please understand that before we are a business, we are a family, so updates are to be given as a courtesy, as we are able.. We understand that our families are excited to see their puppies and will do our best at giving updates (i.e. pictures, videos etc) as frequently as possible. However, our priority is the care of our Labradors and our Puppies. Updates are given as we can and no further expectation shall be considered. We will provide at least 2 updates from the time they are born until the day they are ready for adoption. Responses time should be returned about 72 hours after we receive them. This is a general timeframe and not a guarantee, we don't sit around , we are always caring for our Labs and puppies when we have them. Other Breeders may not go the lengths we do and have more time to sit on computer, we do our best , but every Breeder should be Labs first, and you should expect that commitment :)